PRP injections

To treat

Pain due to cartilage damage or arthritis. Can also be used to help healing after meniscus repair and articular cartilage regeneration procedures and to cure longstanding tendon pain (tendinopathy) when other measures have failed to help.


This procedure uses the healing potential of the clients own blood to produce a pain relieving and regenerative effect. Our blood contains platelet cells which contain powerful growth factors and other substances that have a healing and regenerative effect. This effect can bring about pain relief. Our PRP system gives a high concentration of the all important platelets, a low concentration of red blood cells (which is good as these cause inflammation and harm the effect of PRP) and a low concentration of neutrophils (which is good because these cells harm the effect of PRP).

The whole procedure is performed in the outpatient clinic. It is a walk in walk our procedure. First a blood sample is taken under sterile conditions. The sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate the different parts of the blood. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is withdrawn and then prepared for injection. After some local anaesthetic has been administered the injected is performed under ultrasound guidance into the joint.

Most patients notice an improvement in their pain starting about 2-3 weeks after the injection. Some notice pain relief a bit earlier. After a course of injections the improvement can last for up to 6-9 months or longer in some. Depending on the initial problem, a course of injections can result in complete resolution of the problem.


Complications are rare. Standard risks apply. Infection. Mild soreness after the injection.


No special preparation is needed.

Appointment Duration

30-40 minutes

Recommended Number

We recommend a course of 3 injections over a period of approximately 8-12 weeks. We have found that the 3 injection regime is more effective than a single injection in most cases.


A showerproof dressing is applied. This should be left in place for 24 hours. Normal activity is allowed after the injection without restriction.



    A meta-analysis (combined analysis of 14 randomised controlled trials) that included 1,423 patients demonstrated that PRP provided superior pain relief at 1 year compared to other injections including steroids, HA and a placebo.


    We usually use PRP as a second line treatment in patients who do not get a prolonged response to HA injections.  We also use it as a first line treatments when patients request this, usually if they have had other types of injections previously. We find that 70-80 % of patients achieve significant pain relief from PRP injections. The duration of pain relief varies from 3 months to about 12 months, with a majority of people experiencing pain relief for 6-9 months.

Case Stories

I have been seeing the amazing Mr Sood for many years now due to knee osteoarthritis. Viscosupplementation (monovisc) and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections as recommended and administered over the years by Mr Sood have prevented me from having to proceed to a knee replacement or an osteotomy. These injection therapies have substantially improved my mobility from barely being able to walk without severe pain to enabling me to walk freely, unaided and for many miles every day and also to engage in personal training sessions 5 times a week on a pain free basis! The pain elimination and increased mobility I have gained from these treatments has been nothing short of absolutely miraculous! The treatments have improved my quality of life hugely! Mr Sood is patient, kind, absolutely fabulous in every way and he is of course at the pinnacle of speciality within this speciality field of medicine. I would without doubt recommend Mr Sood with much gusto to all as the treatment I have received from him has been wonderfully life changing! Thankyou so much Mr Sood.