Evidence And Outcomes

We monitor our treatment outcomes and regularly review research evidence and
potential new treatment options.

Evidence And Outcomes

Published Evidence

Research into joint preservation treatments is very active. We keep up to date with research regarding joint preservation.

Existing treatments

We review research into the treatments that we use. We analyse this critically as not all research is appropriate or relevant to the treatments that we offer. This is particularly the case with HA and PRP injections, where the type and specifications of the injection can result in significant differences in how well the treatments works. Research can also be conflicting, with some papers showing a clear benefit and others less so. We are also careful to look at papers that are not sponsored by the company marketing the particular treatment wherever possible. This is not to say that such research isn’t important, but that corroboration of such research in other studies gives more weight to conclusions.

New treatments

We also regularly review potentially promising new treatments and any relevant published studies to see if these treatments show promise and can be offered to our clients.

Published Evidence

Our Experience

We treat many clients and collect detailed outcome data so that we can accurately monitor the success of our treatments. This is important as it confirms how well the treatments delivered by us work. This means that our clients can be given realistic expectations about the likely outcomes of our treatments performed in the Centre, in addition to the published outcomes about these treatments in general.