If you have hip or knee pain due to Arthritis or joint damage we can help.

Early arthritis

Do you have early arthritis or joint damage and want treatment to preserve your joint from further damage to help delay the need for joint replacement.

Alternatives to joint replacement

Have you been told that you need a Hip or Knee replacement but want to explore other treatments to safely help relieve your pain.

Accurate diagnosis

Do you have hip or knee pain but have not been given a clear cause for your pain and /or have not been given a treatment plan.

What is joint preservation?

Joint preservation is a strategy to restore not replace your own joint by employing cutting-edge treatments to help repair existing joint damage and to prevent prevent further deterioration. This relieves pain and dysfunction and can avoid or delay the need for joint replacement. Restoring your own joint, not replacing.

Why do Hip & Knee joints get damaged or arthritic

They are the main weight-bearing joints in the body and undergo heavy use throughout life and so are prone to damage and wear. Some people are at higher risk of damage or wear for a variety of reasons, for example, due to sporting injuries or due to family genetic history.

The importance of early treatment

Damage to your hip and knee joints can lead to pain and loss of the ability to be active doing the things that you enjoy. Even minor degrees of damage can, over time, cause premature loss of joint cartilage, so early treatment is important.

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What Our Client’s Say

PRP knee

I have just completed a course of three PRP injections to help the osteoarthritis in my knee. I would like to thank Mr Sood for carrying out the treatment with great skill and professionalism and also answering all my questions, about both this and possible future treatments. I am very pleased with the outcome and have been able to resume hill walking and soon return to playing tennis.

Verified review
PRP for Knee arthritis

knee OA

Mr Sood is caring, honest and explains what the plan is going to be. As a person with long standing knee issues through sport, I will ultimately need a knee replacement but all avenues are being explored before that needs to happen.

Verified review


I am amazed at the difference that apos therapy has made to me I have a problem with My right hip and before before I started the therapy I was in constant pain from it. After just two days of wearing the shoes the pain started to subside and I started to walk a lot better I can also get up and down stairs a lot better I have just had My second appointment with Maureen Wicks and would like to thank Her and the team for the improvements in My life. I would recommend anybody to try this as an alternative to surgery.

Verified review.
Apostherapy for Hip arthritis

Apos knee

I have been wearing my shoes since October and was very sceptical at first but after only 3 weeks noticed my pain decreased dramatically, walking up and down stairs was less painful and 1 was not taking painkillers daily or at night to sleep.  It has now been nearly 4 months and although I still do get pain it is less freguent, not so severe and so much more bearable. The painkillers are now very rare. My walking has also improved and I am not limping so much . Maureen is great she has been very supportive and professional and I feel very confident under her care. I would recommend AposHealth to anyone who has hip or knee problems and doesn't want an operation. I had forgotten what life without daily pain  was like, AposHealth and Maureen have enabled me to enjoy life again. Thank You

Verified review
Apostherapy for Knee arthritis

HA knee

I was finding walking, climbing stairs and driving extremely painful. After several diagnoses I was told I needed a knee replacement. After a consultation with Mr Sood it became clear that was not my only option. I find him extremely professional, he is friendly and really listens. I have complete faith in his expertise and felt involved in the whole process. I opted for a viscossupplementation injection which gave me over a year of pain relief and the ability to get on with daily life. I highly recommend Mr Sood you are in good hands.

Verified review
Hyaluronic acid injection for Knee arthritis


Very good experience. The treatment recommended has worked and I will continue to keep up my strengthening exercises .

Verified review
Hip arthritis


Mr Sood takes time with patients to carefully diagnose issues, not just working within “usual” circumstances. Symptoms, causes and remedies are explored, explained and potential remedies considered.
Mr Sood, despite apparent expertise and knowledge can talk to patients in a language that laymen can understand.
I am aware of many people who have had successful treatment provided by Mr Sood and he is clearly a busy man. Despite this, he will always take however much time is needed with each and every patient.
I am not a very good patient, but Mr Sood makes the experience less traumatic.

Verified review
Knee osteonecrosis


Talked over all the options available, and advised on the best cause of action. Explained what was happening during treatment and aftercare.

Verified review
Hip pain

SWT hip

My experience while being treated by Mr Sood is excellent. He is very polite, clear, informative with a super bedside manner. I received shock wave therapy for a hip complaint and it seems to have helped enormously with the pain I was experiencing so is definitely worth considering.

Verified review
Hip pain

Knee cartilage

Mr Sood was able to fix an injured knee and cartilage without resorting to surgery. As a sportswoman this was very important and I am both grateful and thrilled with the results.

Verified review
Knee cartilage injury

HA and PRP

I have been seeing the amazing Mr Sood for many years now due to knee osteoarthritis. Viscosupplementation (monovisc) and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections as recommended and administered over the years by Mr Sood have prevented me from having to proceed to a knee replacement or an osteotomy. These injection therapies have substantially improved my mobility from barely being able to walk without severe pain to enabling me to walk freely, unaided and for many miles every day and also to engage in personal training sessions 5 times a week on a pain free basis! The pain elimination and increased mobility I have gained from these treatments has been nothing short of absolutely miraculous! The treatments have improved my quality of life hugely! Mr Sood is patient, kind, absolutely fabulous in every way and he is of course at the pinnacle of speciality within this speciality field of medicine. I would without doubt recommend Mr Sood with much gusto to all as the treatment I have received from him has been wonderfully life changing! Thankyou so much Mr Sood.

Verified review
Knee arthritis

HA knee OA

I had heard about a “silicon injection” treatment for painful arthritic knees that was available in Florida (to where so many elderly “sporty” types retire), but it was never offered to me in the UK, or even discussed. Recently, my left knee was causing me a lot of pain, and I was increasingly limited in what I was able to do as a result.
X-rays confirmed that my knee was indeed in poor condition, and it was suggested that a Gel injection might relieve the pain, and so I had this done about two months ago. It had to be done privately as the treatment is not yet available on the NHS. However, the cost was reasonable and well worth the benefits.
This single treatment has removed all pain from the knee, and I am able to swing my golf clubs and walk freely again. It may be necessary to have another injection some time in the future but I would not hesitate to do it again.
I would certainly recommend my friends to consider this as a much preferred alternative to surgery or steroid injections.

Verified review
Knee arthritis

Knee PRP

Had PRP injections in both knees and has given me much more mobility. Would certainly recommend.

Verified review
Knee arthritis

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