Our Process

1. Assessment and diagnosis.

A detailed consultation will be performed to allow a comprehensive assessment of your problem. We will diagnose your condition accurately and determine how it affects your daily life and hobbies.

2. Scans.

Appropriate scans will be arranged as needed to confirm the diagnosis or to measure the extent/severity of the problem. These will be interpreted by our highly specialist radiologist.

3. Joint Preservation Plan.

A bespoke treatment plan will be produced for you. This will detail the treatments that we recommend as well as any supplements, nutritional advice, bracing treatment or exercise therapy that we feel might also help. All applicable fees will be clearly outlined.

4. Treatment.

When you are happy to proceed, the recommended treatment(s) will be scheduled and performed by our specialist team.

5. Follow-up.

We will monitor your progress through your feedback and through follow-up consultations. We will adjust your treatments as needed.

We always aim to use non-surgical treatments wherever possible. Sometimes, however, the joint damage is such that non-surgical treatments are less likely to be successful or are not appropriate alone. We will then discuss any relevant minimally invasive (key-hole) surgical treatments that could help.

If joint damage is so severe that end-stage arthritis is present with bone-on-bone articulation in the joint, we will discuss this with you in detail and explain the most appropriate treatment options. In these cases, whilst some injections can help with pain, we are always honest about the likely need for joint replacement to restore joint function and pain-free mobility.

We will not recommend injections or other treatments if they are unlikely to help due to severe end-stage arthritis.

Why choose us?

  • We are joint preservation experts with decades of clinical experience

  • We offer individualised treatment plans that consider all relevant options
  • Our scans are interpreted only by highly skilled specialist radiologists.
  • We offer cutting-edge treatments
  • We only offer treatments that have a good chance of success
  • We are honest with you if we feel that joint preservation is not likely to help. If joint replacement is the only realistic option and will guide you about available joint replacement options and look at interim treatments to help with pain control.