Meniscal replacement

To treat

Patients with pain after previous meniscal trimming (meniscectomy). Large meniscectomy with potential for premature arthritis in the future.


This procedure aims to replace the part of the meniscus previously removed. It is performed through key-hole surgery as a day case procedure. The edge of the area of deficient meniscus is carefully prepared and then a special biological meniscal scaffold is cut to size to exactly replace the missing meniscus tissue. This prepared piece is placed within the joint and sutured to the meniscus to fill the meniscal defect.

Over time cells from the remaining meniscal tissue grow into the biological scaffold thus regenerating the meniscus. Restoring the meniscus to normal recreates its important cushioning effect and can cure any pain and also help to reduce the chance of progression to arthritis.



    A study in 2014 clinically and statistically significant improvements in pain and function scores at 6 months follow-up and on all clinical outcomes at the 2-year follow-up concluding that the Actifit® scaffold is safe and effective in treating lateral meniscus defects (Bouyarmane et al Revue de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique 2014)

Case Stories

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