AposHealth shoes

To treat

Knee pain and Hip pain


This is a novel and non-invasive treatment that can avoid the need for surgery in some patients and also help those patients who cannot have surgery for medical reasons.

Our specialist physiotherapist Maureen will analyse the way that you walk using questionnaires and computerised gait analysis. This data will be used to personalise a pair of AposHealth shoes designed to offload the painful area. These shoes are calibrated according to your body structure and movement patterns. The shoes  help to retrain your muscles as you walk to adopt a more comfortable walking style. This works even when you are not wearing the shoes. Instructions are be provided on how long the shoes should be worn each day.  Benefit can be achieved from wearing the shoes for as little as one hour a day.

Have a look this video which explains the treatment

Your progress is monitored with regular check ups and shoe adjustments are performed as needed.

Have a look at this video to see what can be achieved


This treatment has no risks


No specific preparation is needed

Appointment Duration

Initial assessment 60 minutes.

Follow-up sessions 20-30 minutes

Recommended Number

Initial assessment followed by 4-5 follow-up sessions over 12 months



    – Apos footwear is NICE approved for the treatment of knee arthritis in those patients who have failed other no-operative treatment methods and are suitable for total knee replacement but who cannot have or do not want to have surgery.


    -Treatment reduced the rate of progression to surgery for  237 patients with knee OA who were deemed eligible for total knee replacement (TKR) based on pre-established clinical selection criteria. Over the 24-month study period, 204 patients (86%) avoided surgery, with only 33 patients (14%) progressing to a TKR with an average length of time to TKR of 324 days. (Drew, Hoffing,Lim Leece, Suess and Merkin Population Health Management.2022)  http://doi.org/10.1089/pop.2021.0336


    -Study of 365 NHS patients with end-stage knee OA patients eligible for TKR. Each patient was individually fitted with a non-invasive, shoe-like, biomechanical device, that alters the foot center of pressure, minimizes reported symptoms, and promotes neuromuscular control training using convex pods under the sole. Patients used the device for short periods during activities of daily living. The treatment led to 84% surgery avoidance for at least 2 years among patients that would have otherwise opted for TKR surgery. Greene and Miles. Journal of Orthopaedic Experience & Innovation 2022) https://tinyurl.com/yuedrwbp


    -A case control study in 2013 showed that patients with knee arthritis treated with AposTherapy over time demonstrated a significant reduction in pain and a significant improvement in function and quality of life. These improvements peaked after eight weeks of therapy and remained stable for two years as long as treatment was maintained (Yaron Bar-Ziv et al Arthritis 2013)


    -84% of patients with Hip or Knee pain treated by our AposHealth specialist Maureen have delayed or avoided surgery for at least 2 years. Pain levels were 37% better at 6 months and 43% better at 12 months. Function was 34% better at 6 months and 38% better at 12 months.

Case Stories

I started Apos therapy 12 weeks ago. It was offered to me as an alternative to a knee replacement. I jumped at the chance if it meant I could avoid surgery. I am so glad I did as even in such a short time it has changed how I feel. I have just had my first follow up appointment and the evidence from the gait analysis confirms the improvement. As I started the programme I was feeling very despondent and was in a lot of pain. Maureen Wicks my therapist assured me that if I put in the effort to follow the instructions and wear the boots I would see results. Maureen was fantastic and spent a lot of time making sure the boots were adjusted to suit my needs. I have grown to love my boots. I wear them in the house as much as I can and the improvement to the pain in my knees and lower back is remarkable. I have already halved the amount of painkillers I was taking. If anything is aching now I put the boots on and feel an improvement straight away. It’s still early days on the programme for me and already I feel so much better and positive. I would thoroughly recommend this programme.