I had heard about a “silicon injection” treatment for painful arthritic knees that was available in Florida (to where so many elderly “sporty” types retire), but it was never offered to me in the UK, or even discussed. Recently, my left knee was causing me a lot of pain, and I was increasingly limited in what I was able to do as a result.
X-rays confirmed that my knee was indeed in poor condition, and it was suggested that a Gel injection might relieve the pain, and so I had this done about two months ago. It had to be done privately as the treatment is not yet available on the NHS. However, the cost was reasonable and well worth the benefits.
This single treatment has removed all pain from the knee, and I am able to swing my golf clubs and walk freely again. It may be necessary to have another injection some time in the future but I would not hesitate to do it again.
I would certainly recommend my friends to consider this as a much preferred alternative to surgery or steroid injections.